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10 Elegant Wedding Flavors, that Won't Break the Bank

Favors are the simplest way to thank your guest for celebrating with you. Favors don’t have to break the bank to be elegant and useful to your guest. Here are 10 elegant favors that your guest will love.


Holiday weddings are beautiful and ornaments can be purchased in bulk. This is an easy favor for your guest to use year after year.


Majority of people drink coffee and some can’t function without it. Purchase your favorite specialty blend and place it in mini glamorous bags or jars. Love this idea! “Let love brew”


Candles are classic and elegant. They can complement any theme with an endless variety of scents and containers.

Tea Cups with Tea

Pinkies Up, Tea Time. Gifting fine china will have your guest delighted. Plus it’s two favors in one. In order for this favor to stay budget friendly, you will have to do some shopping. Look for a local estate sale, yard sale, Goodwill and/or thrift stores. You will be surprised at the good deals in these locations.

Tip: If bargain hunting is not your thing. Bring your friends, mother, or mother in-law the more people you have searching the quicker the process.

Olive Oil

Whether your event is in Tuscany, Italy or Mediterranean themed your guest will saying… “Grazie” to your oil olive favors.


Very similar to candles, soap has a wide range of variety. You could choose different scents, colors and packaging. If you are crafty make your own soap and purchase glamorous packaging to keep your cost low.

Champagne Bottles

Sparkle and Bubbles. Champagne is great way to send your guest home celebrating. Stop by your local liquor store for pricing you may be able to negotiate. Or shop online for bulk wholesale bottles.


Parisian themed wedding. Macaroons can come in a combination of colors to perfectly match with your wedding design.


Everyone loves chocolate. It is easy, simple, and with a little repackaging can look fabulous!

Charity Donations

Giving back and helping others in always in style. Create a note so your guest knows about the donation and why it is close to your heart.

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