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Jumping the Broom During Your Ceremony

Are you planning on jumping the broom during your ceremony? Here is awesome advice to make your jumping unity activity smooth and easy.

But first brief history…

Where does this tradition come from?

In the United States African American slaves were not permitted to legally wed. Slaves would hold their own ceremonies to unify their love and families. Jumping a broom became the ceremonial act to openly declare a marriage union was formed.

# 1. Pick a person to place the broom before you jump (best man, bridesmaid, officiant)

Selecting the person depends on venue set-up and videography needs. You want placement of the broom to be smooth without causing disturbance or pause in the ceremony.

** If you choose your Maid of Honor, she will most likely have your bouquet and hers. She will have to pay close attention to the flow of the ceremony to adjust.

# 2. Bring your broom and wedding day shoes to the rehearsal

The rehearsal is the perfect spot for everyone to practice! Practice placing the broom, jumping in your wedding shoes, removing before everyone else walks, etc.

# 3. You can find ceremony brooms on Etsy, Facebook Groups, or DIY!

- Wedding brooms range from $60-85 on Etsy. There are also some high-end options that range from $110-250.

- Check out Facebook groups within your area. There are groups of brides selling their wedding day items. You might get lucky!

- Michaels/ Arts & Craft stores offer brooms and all the supplies needed for a DIY wedding broom.

** Keep in mind most arts & craft brooms are cinnamon fall scented.

Here are a few of my Etsy favorites:


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