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5 Reasons to Wear Your Mother's Wedding Dress

Some girls grow up dreaming about wearing their mother’s wedding dress and others cringy at the thought of being seen in the out-dated gown.

Here are 5 reasons why wearing your mothers dress could be the best choice:

1. Honoring your mother. Wearing your mother’s heirloom gown is a classy way to pay tribute to her on your special day. The “passing of the gown” is a tradition that can continue throughout your family history.

2. Budget. Hellloooooo… free gown. Although some adjustments maybe needed; It’s still a free gown that has sentimental value which makes it PRICELESS.

3. Compliment's your vintage vibe. If it’s the roaring 20s, 1930s art deco glam, or the free flowing boho vibes of the 70s; vintage themed weddings are popular. What's old is new again. Your mother’s dress is actually taken from that era and will fit perfectly into your vintage wedding vision.

4. Alterations, Alterations, Alterations. Whether it’s adding a plunging back, customizing the train, removing the sleeves and extra fabric or changing the neckline; alterations is an easy way to enjoy your mother’s dress but add a personal flair. Alterations begin with a prestigious seamstress to fit the dress to your body.

Your #1 goal is to find a professional who is talented, dependable, and that listens to your wants. (Sidenote: Please make sure altering your mother’s gown is okay with her before scheduling appointments or getting set on a vision. This is a time to celebrate not to feud with mom.)

5. Just a touch. Last, if the seamstress can’t save the dress or using the dress is still a definite NO, incorporate pieces of it into your wedding look.

· Something Old. Sew fabric from your mother’s wedding dress inside of your own or add some of her beading, lace or embellishments to the outside of your gown. Your something old will be included on your new gown.

· Sentimental Bouquet. Wrap your bouquet with a piece of fabric, embellishments, or a string of pearls from your mother's dress. Your bouquet will be glamorous and meaningful.

· Wedding Accessories. Scissors and sewing materials are all you need to transform your mother’s gown into a delicate headpiece, ring pillow, garter belt or a fashionable clutch.

· Rehearsal or Reception Dress. If the seamstress is able to save the top half of your mother’s gown the remainder can be customized to your liking. Hi- Lo length for the rehearsal dinner or short, fun and flirty for the reception to dance the night away.

(Please remember the previous sidenote.)


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