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It's a week away from your BIG DAY!

It's a week away from your BIG DAY! With only seven days to go, have you checked off all the important details ... even the small ones? You don't want to be at the altar ready to jump to the broom and then realize the broom is still at home!

1. Create a Packing Checklist and Properly Pack

Think about your individual situation... are you leaving for your honeymoon directly after, did you have a planner packing an emergency bag, etc. Take the time to create a checklist of everything needed before starting to put items in a bag. Dress and Tux... check, Deodorant.. check, sexy lingerie... check, wedding day note to your soon to be spouse.. check.

2. Schedule/Attend Any Beauty Appointments

It only a few days away... time to relax and get dolled up. Make your MINOR beauty appointments you want done that week (examples: gel mani-pedi, waxing, massage) Any experimental beauty ideas.... DON'T DO THEM. Like we said its only a few days away. Your facial peels, lasering, hair coloring and dramatic cuts should be done a few months out, just in case they don't turn out as expected.

3. Have Welcome Baskets Delivered

Deliver your welcome baskets to the hotel concierge where your guest are staying. Make a list of names, delivery instructions (for the concierge- where to put them in the room, how many per room, etc.) and any additional information you have to prevent any issues.

4. Handle everything important!!

- Give your marriage license to your officiant.

- Have someone pick up family members from airport or train station.

- Don't forget bridal party, parents, or spouse gifts

- Hand off seating cards, table cards, menus, decor, favors and any other items for your day. You will not be able to deliver anything on your wedding day!

5. Designate Your Point Person

If you do not have a planner, you will need a responsible point person for your wedding day. I recommend someone who is not actually in your wedding, it will be hard for the maid of honor to be getting her make-up done and answering catering questions or assisting the DJ- when she should be walking down the aisle.

Ceremony items: They should make sure all ceremony items are in place before anything starts. Don' t forget that broom.

Payments: Write names on the back of each final payment or tip envelope, so your point person can distribute.

Reception: They should introduce themselves to your vendors and provide a contact cell number just in case.

6. Communicate With Your Vendors

Reach out to all your vendors- see if they have any questions, confirm and re-confirm any arrangement you have with them.


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