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How to be 100% Present on Your Wedding Day

Your view before your day starts! Breathe

Your wedding day will be full of love and memories, but all that excitement can cause your day to fly by. The flow of your wedding, family, and friends will keep you moving all day. Practicing awareness can lessen anxiety, stress and help you be present. It's a way to “slow down” your wedding day- in a good way.

You want to be happy... at peace... and remember as much of your day as possible. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that can happen:

1. Let go and stop thinking about your “perfect” day. Accept your day as it comes- funny, loving, tearful, however. Somethings can’t be controlled and the less you overthink the more you can enjoy your wedding day moments.

2. Stop and smell the flowers. Don’t worry about what’s next on the timeline, give each moment your full attention. That means being fully present in the Bestman’s goofy toast or chatting with your parent’s friends. Whatever it is, be present.

3. Take deep breaths- breathing techniques or simply slowing your breaths allows for mindfulness and peace.

Remember the reason for the day... To Celebrate Your Love!

4. Sneak away. After your ceremony, be sure to take a few minutes alone!

(No photographer, no guest, no wedding party....) It's an easy way to slow down your day and be present in your love!

**When you sneak away, please let your planner or POC (point of contact) know where you are going.


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