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Dogs and I Do's

My fur baby Kako!

Look at that face!!🐶❤ I love when couples include their best furry friends into their day. Sometimes getting them down the aisle can be tricky. But here are some secrets: 1. Bring them to the rehearsal. People need to practice and so do they. 2. Treats work wonders! In a previous wedding the flower girls secretly dropped a few treats down aisle mixed in with their flowers. Genius!!

3. If your baby isn’t quite trained to walked alone, have them walk with someone they are familiar with. Walking with someone they know will make your pet feel comfortable and help ease performance jitters.

4. If your furry best friend doesn’t follow all the plans, RELAX! Those imperfect moments make your day even more rememberable.

5. Remember your furry baby has to have somewhere to go after their wedding duties are over. Double check with the venue on their pet policy. Or arrange for them a ride back home, hotel, or their next destination.

6. Your wedding day is long, arrange for a pet sitter. This is somebody that will be able to walk your fur baby, scoop poop, and you won’t care if they get a little dirty.

** This is just in case paws get dirty and they come in contact with their sitter. Or dogs and mud because… you know, dogs and mud.


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